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Sorbus domestica, service-tree

Here I speak about the plants of Ibiza, Formentera and the surrounding islets with their ecology. It will never be a complete website of all the plants, it seems more important to me to treat the mentioned plants well.

The English text is always the last one on every page, after Catalan, Spanish and German. Since I write in four languages, the language is not always perfect, let alone well elaborated. It seems more important to me to focus on the contents.

The enterprises I mention, do not pay me for that, I mention them for conviction, to support the use of local products. And I ask everyone to read how every single person can contribute to biodiversity.

I know there are local people who know the islands’ vegetation better than I do. I keep learning from those people. So I must be grateful to many people who have helped me and keep helping me to understand the botany, the ecology and the ethnobotany of the Pityuses. Some of them are mentioned here. Thanks to my university study and several journeys I can put the vegetation of the Pityuses in a global context. A list of literature is given here.

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